A Prayer for the Coatneys

O God, our God, Who sent Your Only-Begotten Son for our salvation, send down your Holy Spirit upon these your servants, the Coatney family, that they may proclaim Your Good News and share Your love. Travel with them and deliver them from all agitation, slander, and devices of the evil one. Keep them strong in body and soul so that they may be light to those still in darkness. Grant that they may fulfill Your command to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, care for the sick, and visit the prisoner. May their service be pleasing in Your sight, glorifying Your most Holy and magnificent name, of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Specific Prayer Concerns

  • praise for the birth of Titus Ulysses Coatney on June 2, and for Kristen’s and his health!
  • praise for the finalized adoption of Easton Elias Coatney!
  • for the upcoming baptisms of Easton and Titus on Saturday, July 20, at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church in Bixby
  • for John’s upcoming trip to Ethiopia for most of August, and for Kristen wrangling four boys without him for that long
  • for John as he works to finish writing his PhD thesis while preparing to move the family to Ethiopia
  • that, if possible, we might be able to get into one of the earlier training sessions (July 22 or September 9, rather than October 28)
  • for the soul of John’s stepfather, Robert Edward Peterson, who died on April 14
  • for the boys as they prepare to become “third culture kids
  • for preparation for homeschooling the boys in Mekelle
  • that John and Kristen’s marriage would remain strong (and grow even stronger) in the face of all the stresses and challenges associated with this process
  • for John and Kristen’s extended family as they adjust to the idea of us moving overseas
  • that we continue to bolster our incoming financial support so that we can move to Mekelle as soon as possible, and stay there as long as possible
  • that individuals will respond quickly and positively as we reach out to meet and share our vision for ministry and our financial goals